Gynecologist Doctor

Gynecologist doctor Gynaecologist doctor

A gynecologist doctor is a doctor who understands and treats ailments of the female body. There is a spectrum of abnormalities and diseases which are peculiar to the female body. The female main
reproductive organs are uterus , bilateral fallopian tubes and bilateral ovaries. There is monthly menstruation due to interplay of various hormones , predominantly estrogen and progesterone. Broadly, a woman’s life cycle can be divided into premenarchal, adolescent, reproductive age group, postmenopausal age group. There are conditions peculiar to each age group such as irregular bleeding which is more common near menarche and near menopause ; these changes are due to variation in estrogen and progesterone. Ruchi Tandon as a gynecologist doctor in south Delhi provides the best treatment to her patients.

A lot of changes in the lifestyle of a woman have warranted a changing approach of a gynecologist and patient relationship. Women have started opting pregnancies at an older age, making them more prone to various ailments such as hypertension and diabetes, henceforth making pregnancies more closely monitored. A gynecologist doctor is more in proximity of her patient and should be able to make her patients feel comfortable and safe. Various tests such as “pap smear” and “HPV”testing are done only by a certified gynecologists. These tests are recommended for screening of cervical cancer and are able to identify even precancerous conditions.

A gynecologist specializes in following arenas:

  • Pregnancy and associated conditions
  • Adoloscent medicine and counseling
  • Any condition that alters the normal menstruation
  • Infertility
  • Diseases of the breast
  • Any distortion or variation of normal female anatomy

Dr. Ruchi Tandon as Gynecologist specialist in south Delhi complete examination of the female body, counsel the patient and helps in a complete overview of the health of the patient and her partner.

Dr. Ruchi Tandon is also the Co-founder of the enterprise called as Queen’s Gynecology. She feels very strongly for her patients and emphasises on female health issues on various platforms. The link is shared below: