High-Risk Pregnancy

High Risk pregnancy
High Risk pregnancy 

A high risk pregnancy is one that puts the mother, baby or both at risk more than normal pregnancy.
Factors that put a pregnancy at risk are:

  • AGE >35,AGE<18 YEARS.
  • High BP.
  • Diabetes before or during pregnancy.
  • Underlying medical condition/ pre-existing medical disease.
  • Multiple pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy with any kind of bleeding.
  • Obesity.
  • Pregnancy with kidney disease.

Depending on the risk factor, pregnancy is managed accordingly, usually with help of multispeciality physicians. A battery of diagnostic tests is advocated and pregnancy supported accordingly. Dr. Ruchi Tandon is top pregnancy doctor in south Delhi.

In conditions of increasing age associated with pregnancy, the risk of downs syndrome increases exponentially. With subsequent pregnancies, the baby weight increases and so does the incidence of preterm labour. High Bp has several adverse effects on the mother and fetus during pregnancy such as IUGR or growth retardation of the fetus, abruptio placenta or sudden bleeding, oligoamnios or decreased liquor; worse conditions like intrauterine fetal demise and a fatal condition of fits called as ecclampsia.

GDM or gestational diabetes is alteration in serum sugars during pregnancy.It has feto-maternal implications ranging from increased incidence of fetal anomalies to sudden intrauterine demise.