This is a lifestyle associated disorder, that is on a rise particularly in reproductive age group. Its usual presentations to the gynecologist vary from scanty bleeding or amenorrhea to excessive bleeding or menorrhagia. Pcos is a collection of symptoms such as bleeding disorders, acne ,excessive hair growth. It is diagnosed on basis of:

  • Ultrasound.
  • Biochemical parameters.
  • Features like male pattern hair distribution.

The best method of diagnosing is history with ultrasound. Various modalities of treatment exist ranging from medical methods, laparoscopy to lifestyle changes. There is a imbalance between the normal FSH and LH ratio in PCOD patients, increase in free testosterone and fasting insulin in severe cases. Ultrasound typically shows a necklace of peripherally arranged follicles in the periphery. These patients are usually obese, with male like hair characteristics. There is trunkal obesity with irregular periods as the most common clinical presentation. Various treatment modalities such as medicines like cyclical hormones, metformin and surgical modalities like laparoscopic ovarian drilling are included in its treatment. As a Gynecologist, Dr. Ruchi Tandon offers PCOD treatment in Greater Kailash at very reasonable price with the latest technology.