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Polycystic ovarian disease is a condition that arises because of a hormonal imbalance. This disrupts the normal fertility cycle of a woman. To be very precise, PCOD occurs when one of the ovaries of a woman starts to overproduce immature eggs. Later, these immature eggs accumulate in the ovary, the reproductive organ in women. Over time, these eggs develop into cysts. This condition affects not only the menstrual cycle in women but also their overall health. In such a case, you need to consult the best PCOD specialist doctor in South Delhi.

This is a lifestyle associated disorder, that is on a rise particularly in  reproductive age group. Its usual presentations to the  gynecologist vary from scanty bleeding or amenorrhea to excessive bleeding or menorrhagia.

PCOD is often confused with PCOS or we must say, interchangeably used with PCOS. Well, we must make it clear that both conditions are different. Let us have a look.

PCOD Vs PCOS – What is the Difference?

Both words may sound similar but they are slightly different. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in which the male hormone androgen is overproduced by ovaries. On the other hand, in PCOD, overproduction of immature eggs is seen. When compared to PCOD, PCOS has a critical impact on fertility. Above all, PCOD is not known to cause any severe health conditions but, PCOS may cause diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems. For the right diagnosis, you must consult the best PCOS specialist doctor in South Delhi.

What Are the Causes of PCOD?

Overproduction of immature eggs by ovaries is among the prime causes of PCOD however, this condition can also pass through generations. This means there is a direct link to genetics when we talk about polycystic ovarian disease. If it runs in your family, you must consult the gynecologist specialist doctor in Greater Kailash timely.

Above all, poor lifestyle habits have a direct relation to the development of PCOD. Women who excessively eat junk foods, smoke, or drink alcohol are highly prone to developing this condition.

What is the Diagnosis for PCOD?

PCOD is a collection of symptoms such as bleeding disorders, acne, excessive hair growth, irregular menstruation, weight gain, and skin darkening. It is diagnosed on the basis of:

  • Ultrasound.
  • Biochemical parameters.
  • Features like male pattern hair distribution.
  • Pelvic Exams
  • Blood Tests

The best method of diagnosing is history with ultrasound. Various modalities of treatment exist ranging from medical methods from laparoscopy to lifestyle changes. There is an imbalance between the normal FSH and LH ratio in PCOD patients, an increase in free testosterone and fasting insulin in severe cases. Ultrasound typically shows a necklace of peripherally arranged follicles in the periphery. These patients are usually obese, with male-like hair characteristics. There is truncal obesity with irregular periods as the most common clinical presentation. Various treatment modalities such as medicines like cyclical hormones, metformin, and surgical modalities like laparoscopic ovarian drilling are included in its treatment. As an experienced PCOD and PCOS doctor in South Delhi, Dr. Ruchi Tandon offers PCOS treatment in Greater Kailash at a very reasonable price with the latest technology.

How PCOD is Treated?

Well, the treatment of PCOD depends on the symptoms a woman is experiencing. The treatment focuses on improving those symptoms along with the quality of life of the patient. At first, lifestyle changes are necessary when it comes to PCOD and PCOS treatment in South Delhi. One needs to avoid junk and focus on having a healthy diet. Besides this, the patient also needs to make changes to her daily routine and adopt ways to maintaining a healthy weight.

Medication is another line of treatment that totally depends on the symptoms. The PCOD doctor in Greater Kailash might prescribe a combination of birth control pills to regulate periods. Progestin therapy may also be an option that is considered. If you want to conceive, the doctor may start a specific treatment which will help you ovulate.

Remember, any medicine for PCOD or PCOS management must be taken under supervision. If ignored, severe side effects may follow. So, tell all the symptoms you are experiencing to your PCOD specialist doctor in Greater Kailash. Based on that, she will start a tailored treatment plan.

Dr. Ruchi Tandon is an experienced PCOD and PCOS specialist in Greater Kailash. You can consult her by scheduling an appointment.