Precautions to Take in the First 3 Months of Pregnancy

Precautions to Take in the First 3 Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the dream of every woman and this is the reason they should know each and everything to follow when they conceive. When a woman conceives, her body starts preparing itself for several changes. Such changes will help her to carry her pregnancy to term. And during such changes, she needs to take extra care of herself for a safe delivery and baby. To confirm your pregnancy and related tests, book your appointment with one of the best Pregnancy Doctor in South Delhi.

Follow the below-given precautions in the first 3 months of pregnancy to avoid various pregnancy-related problems or complications.

Stay Hydrated

During pregnancy, the blood volume increases to work as a support system of oxygen and requirements of fetus nutrients, so you need to have more fluids during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Your body will start going through sudden changes which will increase the fluid intake demands. You should consider having lots of fresh juices, water, and healthy fruit shakes to stay hydrated this time.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins is necessary to prevent birth defects and you should take them as per prescribed by your gynecologist. The early period of pregnancy is important for both mother and the fetus and it is important that you take vitamins or other supplements for folic acid and iron to prevent anemia which is a common disease during pregnancy.

Say No to Alcohol and Caffeine

Just like tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol cause risks for the mother and the fetus. Alcohol causes learning disabilities and affects the cognitive functions of the fetus. Too much caffeine will lead to premature labor and congenital disabilities. Strongly say no to colas, chocolates, sodas, green, and even black tea or coffee as they contain high amounts of caffeine.

Keep an Eye on your Weight

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy BMI before getting pregnant. Being overweight can increase pregnancy risks, especially in the first 3 months, so you should check with a dietitian or a nutritionist to get a healthy diet plan.

What’s More?

  • Apart from such food-related precautions, you should avoid carrying overweight and try to avoid traveling.
  • Any medicines after conceiving are dangerous if that is not prescribed by your gynecologists such as fever medicines, cold, cough any kind of aches, etc.
  • Avoid listening to music and watching videos or movies on high volume as it may cause disturbance to the fetus and mother as well.

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