Spine Health and Pregnancy – What You Should Know About?

Pregnancy is one of the best phases in a woman’s life. And why not? It is the time when life is giving birth to another life. However, the fact can also be not denied that this phase is not easy for women as they go through a lot of emotional and physical changes. To avoid any severe complications and manage such changes, it is important to stay in touch with the Best Gynecologist in Greater Kailash.

Well, one of the noticeable facts during pregnancy is the changing spine health, and this is what we will be discussing in the post.

How Pregnancy Affects Spine Health?

If we talk about lower back pain during pregnancy, then it often occurs because of the change in the posture of women. Added weight because of the growth and development of the fetus is the reason.

Now, the fetus’s growth also contributes to postural changes in women. Studies have found that the curvature of the lumbar spine increases to around 2.7° during the third trimester of pregnancy when compared to the curvature in non-pregnant women. This is because of the forward-pushing weight of the fetus. However, lower back pain in the first and second trimesters may not be because of these changes. The pain often becomes intense during the later stages of pregnancy and the growing fetus is the cause of the same.

How to Maintain Spine Health During Pregnancy?

Over 50% of women complain of lower back pain during pregnancy and we can say it is a sign of a developing baby. Well, as the fetus grows, your back has to take all the pain. However, there are certain tips that can help you with the pain and maintain spine health during pregnancy:

Regular Exercise

Exercising is the best form of defense against back pain, and during pregnancy, it becomes a must. So, safe exercises must be routinely performed to get long-term relief from backache and maintain optimum spine health. If you are confused about which exercises you should perform, consult a specialist.

Heat and Cold Therapy

The application of heat or cold packs may also help with temporary back pain relief. This must be done for up to 20 minutes several times a day. Here, it is advised not to apply heat to the abdomen during pregnancy.

Improve Posture

Another way of maintaining spine health is to improve posture while sitting, standing, or sleeping. Leaning towards the back is likely during pregnancy, however, expert advice may help you cope with the changing posture. The use of a support belt may be of good help in such a situation.

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